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About Black Car, Inc.

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About Us

Black Car Inc. d/b/a Black-Car-For-Hire was formed in the State of Texas in January 2016 by a dedicated group of independent licensed limousine owner drivers.

Black-Car-For-Hire is established to encourage limousine operators and drivers to pool capital, resources and skill to position them and benefit from a transportation system that delivers cost effective, reliable, and competitive service. The core goal of the corporation is to provide world class transportation service by forming effective relationship to have access to markets, customer, and technology, take up new opportunities, and service branding.

Our values

Black Car, Inc. core values recognize that success depends on cooperative strategies, commitment, capability and diversity of shareholders, drivers, suppliers and clients.

We work to understand customers changing needs to deliver a competitive service which is safe professional and efficient. We continue to manage our business for long term sustainable growth; our mindset encourages collaboration, celebrates success, builds and nurtures long standing business relationships.

The world will continue to change and Black Car members are ready to adapt to the new challenges and protect and expand the loyal and passionate base of customers that their business relies upon by continuing to move with customer tastes and adapting to their changing demands.